Staff Management
Staff files, position history, exit details and more

Cloud Based
All of your files are stored offsite, in triplicate, with robust backups

Access Control
Restrict access to sensitive information and files

Org Chart
Drag and drop with multiple full and partial
print options

Multiple Locations
Manage unlimited locations, with separate staff
and hazards

Get regular reports on upcoming training expiration’s, work visa renewals, 90 day trials and more

Manage third-part staff in a simple and effective way, no more quirky workarounds

Mobile Friendly
Get what you need to know, on the go!

Drag and drop report generation for both
Staff and Safety


WSMP and SSRS compatible
Working closely with an accredited ACC auditors ensures that we are compliant with Worksafe requirements now and in the future

Trend Analysis
Easily identify common traits over time, giving clear feedback on where to make changes

Health and Safety Alignment
Things have changed in Health and Safety, we can help realign your staff perceptions, and help them to protect themselves and each other

Ongoing training to provide a robust Health and
Safety framework

Inclusive Culture
Unify staff by allowing everyone to record events, and report hazards

Duties assigned to employees are followed up the the system to ensure completion


Training Documents
Printable documents for reference, and people that like to learn at their own pace

Message us from the CloudmyStaff Facebook page, and Emma or Mark will respond

HR 101 online training series
An ongoing series of training videos to up-skill
current staff

Via email or the contact form page, Emma and Mark both get your messages

Onsite training
Book a training seminar for larger teams

Our phone number goes straight to Emma, have any questions? Let her know!