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At CloudmyStaff we are focussed on providing our clients with a user-friendly, simple approach to all HR and Health & Safety functions by providing accessible tools for staff at all levels across an organisation.


The value adds for our clients are reducing the amount of time spent by HR staff currently on filing, reporting, and accessing data; allowing more time to focus on the more exciting stuff.


CMS is committed to educating and improving HR & Health and Safety across NZ by providing education, technical solutions, and consultancy services for
growing organisations.

How can we help?

Employee file management

Everything you need to store for every staff member, no matter where their location, all available at your fingertips.

Staff skills and tools

Management of required skills/tools by Site, Position and Employer.

Contractors/Temps/ Other third parties

Contractors or temporary employees are able to be added quickly and easily.

HR and H&S Consultancy

We can provide support for all things HR and H&S – from hiring to firing, policies, systems, and training

Health and Safety

Our Health and Safety tools have been developed in conjunction with ACC Auditors, Health & Safety lawyers, and industry professionals to ensure CloudmyStaff continues to meet all H&S legislative requirements – both current and planned.


Workflows are created to ensure the right people are receiving the right information regarding events.


Allows users to create custom built reports on any and all information held in CloudmyStaff.